All babies have been sold!

All of our kittens have found wonderful pet homes with amazing families.

Tajiri is now a Double Grand CH!

Our awesome Savannah alter, Tajiri, is now a Double Grand Champion! Looking forward to more shows!





Mountain Mist Exotics was founded in 2009 and is committed to breeding Bengals which are outstanding in appearance, temperament, and health. Located in Portland between the mighty Columbia River and the statuesque peak of Mt. Hood, our kittens are raised in our home as members of our family from day one. Our goal is to breed "the best to the best" to produce kittens that have wild builds, extreme contrast, and tri-colored, paw-print rosettes. We place a high emphasis on socialization and take pride in how people-oriented our kittens are. Mountain Mist Exotics is a member in good standing with TICA. We hope we can help you find your new family member!
Jacky Gomez is the founder of Mountain Mist Exotics. A life-long animal-lover and experienced equestrian, her initial exposure to Bengal cats came while on a family vacation. From there, the obsession slowly grew into a real-life commitment.  Along with her begrudgingly accepting husband, they breed only a few litters per year to ensure the highest quality in temperament and health.


Who We Are...

Raising Beautiful, Well-Mannered Lap Leopards for Your Home