SnoPride Akira of MountainMist

NoahsPride HiExpectation of SnoPride x Cazpurr Carolina of SnoPride

HCM Normal, PK Def N/K

Akira was purchased as a kitten from Margie Heil of SnoPride Bengals and we couldn't be happier! She is a full sister to RW SGC SnoPride Spartacus of Bluewater, who was the #5 Bengal Kitten Internationally in 2013. Akira melted our hearts from the moment we saw her and has brought immeasurable laughter into our home since. She is extremely contrasted with beautiful, horizontal tri-colored rosettes. She has excellent conformation with a straight profile, puffy whisker pads, and long hind legs. She stamps all of her kittens with highly contrasted coats, round, expressive eyes, and amazing little personalities. Akira is such a wonderful mama and is a joy to be around. She is goofy, super talkative, and so caring towards all babies that come through our home. Akira will often "adopt" older kittens that don't even belong to her! We are looking forward to more Akira babies for years to come.

MountainMist Mai Tai

RomanBengals Anakin of Charybdis x CH MountainMist Peach

PK Def N/N

Mai Tai is the daughter of our cherished home-bred girl, Peach, who unfortunately had to retire from breeding earlier than we had hoped. Mai Tai does an excellent job of carrying on her mother's legacy however and brings good genetic diversity into our program through her father's side. She has numerous qualities that push our program closer to our ultimate goal of breeding cats that look like their small forest dwelling ancestors. Mai Tai has fantastic ear size and shape, and improved ear placement as well. She has more of an egg-shape to her head and adheres to the "rule of thirds" better than Peach did. She also exhibits strong lighted expressions from head to tail and moves us closer to achieving the elusive true whited underbelly that is present on the ALC. Her tail is shorter and thicker than we have previously had in our program, again moving us closer to a stronger likeness to the ALC. Overall, Mai Tai demonstrates an excellent progression of our program. She is very sweet and loves to cuddle as well, which we certainly don't mind!

CH MountainMist Peach - Retired

SnoPride Here's Good News x CH SnoPride Miss Raleigh of MountainMist

PK Def N/N

Peach is our first home-grown queen. She is a sassy little lady, but is extremely friendly and LOVES to cuddle. Peach has an extraordinary pattern with brilliant tri-colored paw-print rosettes and a very light background, which makes her look extremely wild. She has round, vivid green eyes and sharp, predator-like facial features. Her strong profile, small ears, and short tail complete her excellent confirmation. Little Peach obtained her first Championship status in January 2015, competing against an extremely tough class of some of the country's top Bengals at the Portland TICA show (one of the largest shows in the country). She produced just 5 kittens for us before needing to be spayed, but they were some of the best kittens we've ever bred.

MountainMist Misha of CamasLily

Galensis Jazz B Magic of SnoPride x SnoPride Akira of MountainMist

PK testing pending

It is extremely difficult to get a cat who exhibits both excellent type and a flashy coat. Often, you make a lot of compromises in one area to be strong in another, and aiming for the middle often results in cats that just don't stand out in either category. Misha is an awesome example of what happens when conformation successfully combines with a pretty coat. She inherited the best possible traits from both parents, and added a little bit extra for that "wow" factor! While she is still developing (pictured here at 4 months old), we expect that she will have huge nocturnal eyes and improved ear size and placement as compared to her mother, Akira. Her back legs are correctly proportioned to her shorter front legs, and her body type is athletic but not overly slinky. She has awesome tri-colored paw-print rosettes set against a cream background. Her pattern gets us closer to our goals of an open, slightly chained, smaller rosetting pattern found in some of the most beautiful ALCs. Lastly, she appears to have inherited some unexpected qualities not readily apparent in either parent: She has an extremely tight, pelted coat that feels so soft and plush, and she is also developing a primordial pouch. We are just thrilled to see what she can produce and have some incredible future boyfriends lined up for her. She is being co-owned by Camas Lily Bengals in Vancouver, WA, a partnership which we are both so happy about and which will result in some fantastic Bengals in the future.

Sari's Pavotti of MountainMist (F5) - Retired, RIP

DreamQuest Athos of BengalGarden x CedarRanch Trigger of Saris

Pavotti was our very first queen and produced just one litter for us before retiring with us to the pampered pet life. Pavotti lived to be 7 years old and was the definitive matriarch of our household. She was the babysitter and boundary-enforcer to all of the kittens we produced. She did an excellent job of helping to teach them respect for each other and how to play appropriately. Pavotti had been with us since the beginning, and will always have a permanent place in our hearts. She was laid to rest October 31, 2014 due to rapidly spreading, inoperable cancer in her lymph nodes. We thought we would have her at least twice as long as we were able to, but the time we had together was cherished. A very big thank you goes to Sari McKinney of Sari's Bengals for allowing us to have this very special girl.