RomanBengals Anakin of Charybdis

CH Zendada Sun Ray Of Roman Bengals x AzanaBengals Shoshone Of Roman Bengals

HCM Clear, PK Def N/N

Anakin has a beautiful look that turns heads! He has well placed ears that are medium sized and quite rounded, nice puffy whisker pads, a very thick tail, marvelous personality and a funky pattern that is intensely black on a wheat background. Anakin contributes outstanding conformation and excellent contrasting when bred with our girls. A huge thank you to the ladies at NW Bengals for allowing us to use Anakin!

BengalFlats Maverick of NW Bengal Cats

RW SGC BengalFlats Captain Hoyt x CH FrazerValley Moscato of BengalFlats

HCM Clear and PK N/N

Maverick is our new stud, co-owned with the ever-lovely and amazing ladies at Northwest Bengal Cats! A GIGANTIC thank you goes out to Julie Ollis of Bengal Flats for entrusting us with Maverick. We know how special he is to you and feel so honored that you entrusted him to us. Maverick's sire, Captian Hoyt, was the 2010 On Safari #1 Adult Bengal - a huge accomplishment.

Charybdis Flame On! Of Katzpaw

Roman Bengals Anakin of Charybdis x Medoz Cleopatrah Of Charybdis

HCM Clear, PK Def N/N

Flame has wild type that is phenomenal, from the top of his nicely placed medium-small rounded ears to the black tip of his extremely thick and muscular tail.  The marble pattern on this boy has a lovely horizontal flow with lots of interesting bits within the pattern.  His personality is that of the flirty mischief maker, at one moment innocent and adorable and the next creating chaos. He has been quite a charmer to our girls ;) He contributed excellent conformational balance with Akira, with the two of them producing kittens with stunning pattern and contrast, while retaining that "wild" look. Another huge thank you to the ladies at NW Bengals for allowing us to use Flame!

Galensis Jazz B Magic of SnoPride

RW SGC SnoPride Junglejazz News of Cazpurr x Gogees Magic Potion of Galensis

HCM Clear via parentage, PK Def N/N

"JB" finished his kitten show career as the #7 BEST INTERNATIONAL BENGAL KITTEN IN TICA! We are just so grateful to Margie Heil of SnoPride Bengals for allowing us to breed our lucky girls to him. JB is the culmination of decades of stellar breeding by some of the foremost Bengal breeders in the world. It is just so rare to see such an excellent combination of pattern and typey conformation. He has the tiniest little ears and a near perfect profile. His body is large and robust, but not cobbish. His tail is short and thick as well. And, his pattern speaks for itself. He really is the total package. We are over the moon about the possibilities that will result from breeding him with our girls!

SimplyBlessed Silver Streak of Silver Pride

Simplyblessed King of Hearts x SimplyBlessed Silver Dove 

HCM Clear, PK Def N/N

Another gigantic thank you goes to Margie Heil of SnoPride Bengals for allowing us the privilege of using her outstanding silver boy, Silver Streak. An additional thank you goes to Beth and Lori of SimplyBlessed Bengals for producing such an awesome cat. Pictured here at only a few months old, Silver has gone on to produce top quality show cats and has consistently passed along his exceptionally clear coat and small ears. He also sports a short, thick tail, puffy whisker pads, and a prominent, strong nose. His first litter with Akira produced four stunning kittens, all of whom were show quality. Silver is producing kittens that look practically black and white. The contrast on this guy is just out of this world. We look forward to future matings with this fantastic boy.

SnoPride Here's Good News (aka "Jack") - Retired

RW SGC Gogees Newswurthy of SnoPride x Ch SnoPride Star Wurthy

A HUGE thank you goes to Margie Heil of SnoPride Bengals for allowing us the privilege of using her stunning boy, Jack. This guy has a classic Bengal body type with a very handsome and well structured head. He is well contrasted and has lovely rosetting with a nice horizontal flow. Jack has no line bars, small ears, and beautiful piercing green eyes. He comes from excellent bloodlines and has produced many award-winning kittens. We feel that his structure perfectly balances out our girls and are looking forward to at least two litters from him in 2014!


Mountain Mist Exotics does not currently have plans to independently own their own stud. The reasons for this is twofold: First, all of our cats live in our home with us and we place a high emphasis on keeping our cats happy and our home pleasant for guests to visit. Second, we love the genetic diversity that is obtained when using many differing Bengal lines. We have forged close partnerships with other breeders in order to keep our cattery small but still produce top quality kittens. Please see our reference studs, and their most gracious owners, listed below.